Broc’s Story

In January of 2019, my 13-year-old son was referred for an echocardiogram.  We had switched our health insurance and changed our family doctor. Our new physician ordered an echo as soon as he saw how long our son has had high blood pressure – nearly his whole life.

An hour and a half later I got a phone call that dropped me to my knees….”your son has a blockage in his heart and we are referring your case to Madison to the children’s hospital.” The next couple of months were scans, appointments and plans to help our son Broc.

In April of 2019 our son underwent his first heart surgery for a blockage in his aorta. During this time we met so many wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at American Family Children’s Hospital. Our cardiologist Dr. Nick Von Bergen has been nothing but amazing. His entire team is absolutely wonderful. They all talk to Broc and get to know him, explain things to him so he will understand and ease his fears.

Dr. A was our surgeon… I have no words to describe the wonderful care he and his team gave my son. Seeing Broc spend 11 days in the hospital after heart surgery, a lung collapse and lots of fighting was the hardest thing for me to watch my son go through. I cried myself to sleep next to his side nightly, but the staff there always made sure I took time for myself, gave me opportunities to get some rest, and explained things to me so I understood.

Broc had the most amazing nurse there…. his name was Danny, he connected with my son, encouraged him and kept his spirits up. During Broc’s first surgery they found another blockage in his heart… sadly our time at AFCH will be relived again but I’m happy to know my son will always have the best care ever. You never think you will need children’s hospital until you do!

My son doesn’t have a life-threatening illness, he plays with his friends, loves his sports and is home with me…. a luxury not all parents are able to have. American Family Children’s Hospital gave this to me and I will forever be grateful.

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