Madisen’s Story

Young Madisen is a self-admitted “tough cowgirl.” At birth, it was discovered that Madisen had a bicuspid aortic valve stenosis. She received her first surgery (balloon dilations) to better regulate blood flow from her heart into her aorta. Using our low-dose radiation imaging technology, our pediatric heart team helped her get back in the saddle without a worry.

Today, Madisen is 12 and still has aortic valve regurgitation and aortic stenosis – but both cases are considered moderate/mild. She stays very active playing volleyball, soccer and riding her horse. She is also in band, choir and performs in plays. “She shows no symptoms and is a very outgoing, happy girl,” says Madisen’s mom Amanda. 

She still needs a new heart valve as she still has leakage, but the family is hoping that the new valve won’t be needed until she is done growing. Amanda says, “She’s a miracle!” 

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