Rigby’s Story

Rigby has a long history with AFCH. His first experience with the hospital came when he was two days old and was transported to AFCH by the CHETA team. For a first time mom watching a group if doctor’s, nurses, and RT’s load my sons incubator into the back of an ambulance was the most frightening experience of my life.

Rigby spent 7 weeks in AFCH’s NICU. He arrived there on a ventilator barely clinging to the life and left a happy baby with a long road ahead of him. His first year and a half was a series of clinic visits and in-patient stays for a multitude of issues all related to his diagnosis of Prune Belly Syndrome.

On July 7th, 2016 Rigby received the gift of life from his dad with assistance from the doctor’s and surgeons of the transplant clinic. He was in surgery for seven hours and came home a week later a brand new boy.

Rigby is now 5 years old and while he continues to be a frequent flyer at the hospital he also is thriving because of the amazing care he has received from everyone there. Thank you AFCH for giving us our son.

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